Providing Strategies for Emotional Regulation

Does your child:

  • Have Difficulty transitioning into new environments?
  • Appear very shy and refuse to talk in front of others?
  • Tug on their clothes, suck their shirts, or chew on items when stressed or nervous?
  • Has difficulty regulating emotions and can go from happy to sad to frustrated very quickly?
  • Hide behind you in social situations and is fearful about being separated frequently?
  • Always appear to be moving around or is described as very active or having constant wiggles?
  • Does your child have difficulty sitting sit?
  • Does your child have difficulty reading social cues with friends ?

We Can Provide Lots of Strategies and Occupational Therapy to help !!

Every session is individualized and we start with an evaluation where we talk with the parents to understand what is happening at home or your concerns. We then provide an evaluation and review all results and recommendations!