We Provide Infant Feeding Therapy for those families who are struggling with breastfeeding or bottle feeding

Signs Your Child Who Benefit From an Evaluation:

  • Difficulty Latching
  • Can't hold a pacifier and keeps spitting it out?
  • Milk leaking/ spilling out of the corners of baby's mouth when eating
  • Coughing, Gagging, And choking while breast feeding or bottle feeding
  • Experiencing Pain with Feeding
  • Helping Babies that are making clicking sounds
  • Helping baby strengthen her suck and swallow skills to feed more efficiently

Pre and Post Frenectomy

We work with infants and babies pre and post Frectnomy to help them strengthen oral motor skills needed to feed efficiently

We Help Create a Community and Team for You

Being a new mom or having another bundle of joy is amazing but also stressful when you are experiencing latching or feeding difficulties.

We work with lactation consults, body workers, CST professionals, Doulas, and Chiropractors to help provide information if desired for those who want it.

We help connect families together through classes for parents with infants who are looking for a community.