Tummy Time Classes are held weekly! Either Online via Zoom or In Person

What is TummyTime! TM Method?

It’s a class that brings families together to help their baby love being on their tummy. Its a specific method to help early infant development that encourages Floor Time, Movement, Autonomic Nervous System Regulation & Resiliency and Connection & Relationship between baby, parent and family.

As a group we will show parents and caregivers strategies to help their little one enjoy tummy time and get all the benefits it has to offer. We also offer individual classes upon request.

Benefits of TummyTime!TM Method Classes:

  • Helps to prepare a baby for crawling
  • Facilitates baby’s natural unfolding form in utero/ gestational construction
  • Decreases head molding and torticollis
  • Increases community support for families
  • Helps to decrease GI issues and sensitivities- Improves Reflux
  • Helps to prepare optimal readiness and state behavioral organization for feeding.
  • Helps to regulate babies in distress by teaching you the MAGIC BUTTON METHOD
  • Increase awareness of appropriate use of containers and containments.
  • Helps to connect mom and baby
  • Education about the back to sleep program
  • Facilitates and Strengthens Optimal Postural Development
  • Elicits, Utilizes and Integrates Oral, Primitive and Postural Reflexes
  • Teaches about the Sensory Nervous System
  • Helps Mom and baby to LOVE tummy time!!

When can you start TummyTimeTM Method?

This is a method that you can start right from birth at home and then in classes starting at 3 weeks of age.

Classes are open to all families members. Its a great way for moms to connect with other moms