Reading Intervention

Our reading intervention program teaches children and teens the skills they need to improve comprehension and reading fluency.

Our early readers will:

  • Strengthen their Phonemic Awareness Skills
  • Develop strategies to help enforce the narrative structure
  • Improve the Ability to Recall Information ( Details versus Main Idea)
  • Improve Comprehension Skills.
  • Improve Sound Blending
  • Improve Reading Fluency
  • Learn concept Imagery

Our older readers will develop skills to:

  • Increase Comprehension
  • Increase the Ability to Understand Details versus Main Ideas
  • Understand Complex Story Lines
  • Develop Paraphrasing skills
  • Improve their Ability to Understand Hidden Messages and Morals in Stories.
  • Strengthen their Concept Imagery Skills
  • Improve Reading Fluency
  • Strengthen Phonic Awareness and Sound blending skills
  • Learn Contextual Cues to Understand unknown words

Writing Intervention

Our writing intervention will teach children and teens:

  • Skills needed to successfully create narratives, persuasive essays, and expository essays
  • Develop strategies to improve the creative writing process
  • Learn strategies to avoid writers block.
  • Learn how to break down essay questions
  • Learn create a template for children and teens to follow.
  • Improve Ability to Write Complex Stories